Damien Duhamel

‎CEO - Solidiance

Staff with a deep intellectual curiosity have always done well at Solidiance. Obviously, we recruit candidates with strong academic background and relevant Asia corporate advisory experience. Above all, the staff that have done very well at Solidiance always had the best attitude towards work, clients, and colleagues. They have the success of the group at heart and will do all to win as a team. They exert authority naturally without creating politics. They tend to be promoted faster.

Working at Solidiance
Damien Duhamel

Working at Solidiance

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Solidiance operates with a flat organizational structure. We encourage and empower staff at every level to contribute towards improving how we do things. This means we make special effort to ensure that we have a team of mature, capable, energetic, and trustworthy professionals to ensure that we meet our clients' needs.


Solidiance Team
Testimonial Videos


Pilar Dieter

Senior Partner

At Solidiance, staff are able to grow in a meritocracy. In this video, Pilar Dieter, Senior Partner at Solidiance China, explains how we measure career improvement, growth, and the sustainability of our staff by looking closely at each individual within the company. Many of our employees are not only equipped with great skills – they are individuals with a passion for problem solving, an insatiable curiosity, and they are exceptional human beings who wake up eager each morning, hoping to achieve something great. At Solidiance, growth is not just about the numbers or size; growth is also about the quality of the individuals who are willing and capable to take themselves to whole new levels.

Mickael Feige


Entrepreneurship is something that essentially lies at the root of Solidiance. In this video, Mickael Feige, a Partner at Solidiance, shares his thought on the challenging and rewarding experiences he has had in establishing the company's Thailand operations - from scratch. At Solidiance, being an entrepreneur is not only about registering an office and establishing a business as a functional place of work - it is about the holistic management of many pieces: from bringing the right talents together, winning business, and contributing towards making an incremental impact towards the company's overall success. Entrepreneurship at Solidiance is about collective and personal growth enabled by the company through various professional experiences and opportunities over time.

Michael Sieburg

Associate Partner

Having fun through work-life balance is taken very seriously at Solidiance. In this video, Michael Sieburg breaks down Solidiance's perspective on embracing the "Fun" essence to the very fraction of its activities. From the wide variety of new staff team lunch/dinners, birthdays celebration, dance lessons, yoga inductions, to premiere movie screenings with revered clients, dune bashing in the Arab desert, go-karting, paint ball, elephant rides -- we do them all. At Solidiance, the fun part is mostly embodied - not just embedded. Besides doing our job seriously, we understand that to excel, it takes more than just Microsoft Excel. This can even mean all of us being all-out in doing a parody of the viral Korean music video, Oppa Gangnam Style....



Omar Rao Aziz

Associate Partner

The key to working at Solidiance is passion - along with energy and pride. These three factors are an inter-connected cycle which helps staff to perform better and create bigger impact to the business - both of the company and the clients. Omar Rao, Associate Partner at Solidiance and Head of the Singapore office, explains how being passionate, energetic, and proud of your work can lead to better performance. Working at Solidiance with such passion results in quantifiable impacts.

Gervasius Samosir

Associate Partner

Solidiance values diversity of our people as well as their opinions. In this video, Gervasius Samosir, Associate Partner at Solidiance in Indonesia shares his thoughts on why diversity matters to us. At Solidiance, working with revered Fortune 500 firms and multinational companies brings with it its own perks: diversity can be found in our project engagements, covering a global scope across multiple industries and countries which fosters creative thinking and an appreciation to different perspectives. Our team consists of people from a wide range of cultures, races, and countries. Each person in our team is unique - they possess different qualities and opinions which the company tries to harness to its fullest potential. By valuing diversity in the workplace, Solidiance has stretched our ability to grow, innovate, and adapt to continually deliver better services.

Erika Masako Welch

Business Development Director

Not every start is a slow race requiring painstaking adjustment to get to the finish line. Erika Welch, the Business Development Director of Solidiance's Middle East operations, shares her perspective on her very first "fast-paced" days at Solidiance. The induction itself, according to her, is best associated with the terms "intense", "fast and steep learning curve", and "far from boring". Traveling across different countries was on the menu, too. Joining Solidiance means being prepared to jump into a pool, head first, knowing that there is a safety net -- just in case -- but with the expectation that you keep yourself afloat. Support is provided fairly and unquestionably, but there are no non-swimmers. Solidiance believes in the power of the talent we hire, and thus invests relatively heavily in human resources from day 1 to empower people to reach their potential.



Rachit Khosla


At Solidiance, team work means passion, perfection and selflessness. Solidiance works with some of the largest and most popular global companies to help solve their unique business problems and deliver high impact solutions. And this surely cannot be a one-man show. In this video, Rachit Khosla shares the flavor of Solidiance's team spirit. With employees from more than 15 nationalities, the final deliverable of every Solidiance's project looks as if it is scripted by a single individual. That's only one example of the beauty of team work at Solidiance. Team members at Solidiance are willing to coach one another to improve the whole team. This is constantly complimented by the openness and eagerness to grow and improve every minute.

Fabian Boegershausen


Working at Solidiance means having a hands-on approach and getting out of your comfort zone. It goes beyond working on PowerPoint presentations using a dirty keyboard and mouse - it means getting out of the office and immersing yourself in the market. Fabian Boegershausen, Manager at Solidiance, believes that having a hands-on approach and knowing what is actually happening first-hand on the ground brings the best results to clients.

Sitaresti Astarini

Regional Marcom Lead

Solidiance embraces innovation in every sense of the word; we at Solidiance truly believe that we live "innovation" every single day. In this video, Sitaresti Astarini, Regional Marcom Lead at Solidiance explains how the company puts value on innovation and actually makes it happen. Solidiance acts like a melting pot where new ideas converge and freedom of expression is embraced. We know that creativity cannot be forced, but being in the right ecosystem will get us there. We like to experiment with new ideas, establish new strategies, create amazing new tools for our clients and for our staff. Continuous exploration is what we are about at Solidiance - and thus, the Solidiance family are not just analysts, consultants, or strategists, we are explorers, adventurers and risk-takers.

Steve Ganster

Managing Director

At Solidiance, we strongly believe coaching is a key step in the process of building talented, dedicated and well-trained staff. In this video, Steve Ganster, Managing Director at Solidiance US, shares why having a supportive working environment is conducive to staff’s professional and personal growth. It is not uncommon for a consultant to find him(her)self in a very strong team-based culture which enables them to think outside the box and come up with new and exciting ideas in order to improve processes. Ganster, who has been in the industry for over 30 years and has advised more than 250 clients across geographies and industries, believes that working at Solidiance can compress the learning experience; accelerating what might have taken years in a traditional environment. Apart from gaining international exposure and working closely with talented people, Solidiance brings the best out of the team with formal and “in-the-trenches” training.

Solidiance DNA

Solidiance operates with a flat organizational structure. We encourage and empower staff at every level to contribute towards improving how we do things. This means we make special effort to ensure that we have a team of mature, capable, energetic, and trustworthy professionals to ensure that we meet our clients' needs. As an ancient proverb goes, someone you hire is one you should trust, and someone you don't trust is one you shouldn't hire.

The people that are successful at Solidiance would be described as


Team player

Working at Solidiance

At Solidiance we have no heroes. The team is the hero. As such, we recruit people with strong communication and interpersonal skills. Our team is paramount to all and to everything so we do not tolerate politics and bad apples are usually fast-replaced. This is where your personality and approach to team work will make all the difference. We want problem solvers, not trouble makers.


Problem Solvers

Working at Solidiance

Our people have a natural passion for problem-solving. We look for people with a strong analytical mindset, logical and structured thinking, and the ability to question and synthesize different pieces of information at the same time to ultimately derive insightful conclusions.



Working at Solidiance

Our people strive for success by creating winning solutions that result in client satisfaction. We look for people with the confidence to make an impact, desire to learn and grow, the ability to think on their feet and the personal ethics to deliver nothing but the best.



Working at Solidiance

Our people enjoy interactions with clients and colleagues. They are also open and willing to receive critical feedback on areas for improvement. We look for people with the ability to communicate complex ideas, build rapport with team members and strangers alike, engage with others’ interests, and possess the ability to influence. The integrity of one’s character, above all, is the key make-or-break factor.



Working at Solidiance

We prefer people with a passion for life and an insatiable appetite for wild ideas; we are looking for those that can think outside of the box and come up with the next big or small innovative idea that may transform our firm, our clients' businesses, or our operating environment. Suggestions are wanted and encouraged, and many of Solidiance’s successes have in fact been driven by innovative ideas incubated by our own people. We want staff to live by the "what if" mantra while seeking perpetual improvement.



Working at Solidiance

Consulting is a serious business where one can't succeed if little preparation is made, if no processes are implemented, if no prioritization is followed and if no dedication is showed. We look for quick-witted people with attention for details and who settle for nothing less than perfection.

Training at Solidiance

Like every other consulting firm, we take the performance and perpetual improvement of our staff very seriously. Our school of thoughts
is summarized below.

10 things you really need to know about Training at Solidiance:




Reality Check


Working at Solidiance

We pay for skills you have learned at University and experiences acquired elsewhere; we are not a training institution. If you have such strong training needs, then maybe we made a recruitment mistake.



Executive Education


Working at Solidiance

We offer mid-management staff to attend Harvard / Chicago Booth / Michigan University / INSEAD executive education programs. These are usually one to two weeks long and targeted at improving a specific skill set required to further grow in the company.



Ivy-League MBA


Working at Solidiance

For staff that meet specific requirements, the company has offered a sponsorship package. This is a long-term mutual commitment aimed at improving both the employee and the firm together.



Specific Skills


Working at Solidiance

Some of our staff need to improve specific skills required in achieving their work tasks perfectly (Accounting, HR, ERP, IT, etc). We send them to courses at reputable institutions or invite a trainer to come to the office.





Working at Solidiance

Usually, staff living in a country where they do not master the local vernacular have been sponsored to take local language courses. This helps to be more efficient at the office and outside.





Working at Solidiance

We spend an enormous amount of time coaching promising staff to leverage their forte and address their weaknesses. We identify what the key required changes are needed for personal and career growth, and we work on them in tandem.



Sherpas Training


Working at Solidiance

On regular basis, senior staff at Solidiance will train the whole office on Management and/or Consulting skills needed to improve our efficiency at work.



Knowledge Sharing


Working at Solidiance

Learning is also lateral and comes from your best friends and office colleagues. Expect 'brown bag' lunches where colleagues share insights on specific issues.





Working at Solidiance

Learning comes from doing. You will be exposed to some of the smartest people, senior executives at leading Fortune 500s, current and future corporate strategy issues, emerging industries, new products & markets, and you will go to regions and countries you have never explored before. This is hands-on learning.





Working at Solidiance

Learning can be fun too. We invest in organizing some of the most memorable team events, theme parties and other innovative initiatives, driven & managed by you.

CSR at Solidiance

Solidiance commits not only to support and help the growth of our clients and staff, but also the less fortunate. We remain discreet about it. Here is a glimpse of what we love to do.

Heiko Bugs




Solidiance supports Bayon Ecole, a Cambodia-based NGO focused on education for underprivileged children in the country.


We have also been greatly humbled by the experience of supporting financially challenged leprosy patients and HIV infected children at the St.John’s orphanage in South Kerala, India.




We are a Corporate Partner of OneKuai, and have donated funds, materials and time in China to support poor children in remote China.


We have also worked with Rumah Yatim to support young orphans in Indonesia.


Our management has volunteered and is coaching young entrepreneurs from less fortunate families via the Youth Biz Network.



Gervasius Samosir

Gervasius Samosir

Associate Partner
Working at Solidiance, simply speaking, is like riding a rollercoaster. It is very invigorating! From the beginning, you’ll get to do hands-on analysis, getting dirty in the market place. At the end of your first engagement, you’ll find yourself incredibly well-networked with various industries across Asia. Working on projects that provide you with the opportunity to cross the Asian sub-continent to work in cross-cultural teams, across various industries, and drive impactful results for our clients is what makes working with Solidiance great fun. The opportunity to explore your untapped potential, entrepreneurial spirit and ambition is the reason why I continue to thrive and grow within Solidiance.

Career Path

A career with the best team, working for the best clients

Solidiance is a meritocracy. Only your ability and performance determine your consulting career path. As a growing company, we provide great opportunities for talented consultants to build their careers in Asia. The journey from the beginning of your consulting career with Solidiance to the Partner level typically takes seven to eight years.

Working at Solidiance

Working at Solidiance

Analysts at Solidiance focus on project analytics. Examples of work that analyst may perform include conducting research and stakeholder interviews, business analysis, developing client presentations, and/or contributions to proposal efforts. They typically have recently graduated with a degree from a leading institution and have some previous working experience.

Working at Solidiance

Consultants start to develop more consulting knowledge. They lead small project teams as part of larger engagements. They are responsible for one or more project modules. They handle high-value qualitative and quantitative research. Synthesizing conclusions into recommendations. They support senior team members in delivering presentations. They typically have 2-3 years of relevant working experience.

Working at Solidiance

Senior Consultants can lead projects across geographies. They are responsible for the coaching and personal development of analysts. They will handle clients and may lead client presentations. They usually come with 3-5 years of relevant working experience and have a Masters degree.

Working at Solidiance

Manager run and conduct client projects including overall responsibility for smaller projects or for specific project modules in large projects. They work closely with clients to develop clear understanding of competitive issues, craft strategies, and secure clients' buy-in strategies solution.

Working at Solidiance

Principals / Associate Partners at Solidiance have demonstrated mastery of consulting skills. They lead and conduct regional projects, manage outgoing client relationships, lead marketing and actively support new business development activities. They have some management responsibilities and participate in focused firm-wide capability and domain knowledge building. They also have a coaching role with junior staff.

Working at Solidiance

Partners are shareholders in the firm. They take the lead in client consulting, manage ongoing client relationships, and ensure quality and effectiveness. Moreover, they are responsible for business and staff development. Partners define the culture and identity of the company. As innovators and leader, they drive the company and implement change. They typically have 10-15 years of relevant working experience.

Solidiance Internships

Your unique learning experience in Asia starts here. Solidiance offers internships programs to students from leading global universities and business schools. The sole focus of our internship program is to provide students with an unmatched real life and on-the-job learning experience.

Our goal is to challenge your academic wisdom and to increase your practical hands-on knowledge of strategy consulting in Asia. We also sometimes use this opportunity to evaluate students for full-time positions upon graduation. Internship opportunities are highly selective. Applicants must have a strong academic record and show outstanding interpersonal skills, the ability to think and write clearly, and to extract insights from industry data. We seek highly motivated students studying in a wide variety of fields, so don't be shy, we are open-minded. Feel free to send us your YouTube resume for an even faster response.

Interns are not directly involved in client-engagements, but may occasionally join our teams to provide support and learn on-the-ground approaches. You will mostly be involved in the write up of thought-leadership whitepapers – the best of which Solidiance publishes along with the specialized press. This will involve live discussions with C-level executives in Asia, some desk research, analysis, and report writing.


Interns may also be involved in specific operational tasks such as client event management, CSR activities, CRM enhancements, etc. You will be assigned a mentor to guide you through your internship process. Our internship programs are offered throughout the year and vary from 2 to 6 months. Internships are not remunerated. Occasionally, we have been known to provide a performance allowance matching your efforts and delivery at the end of an internship placement; this is done in exceptional stand-out cases at our sole discretion.

If you are keen to have a fantastic learning experience in Asia Strategy Advisory, please send us your resume to : Learn at Solidiance


Our interns usually come from the following business schools:

Working at Solidiance


Fun, lots of Fun at Solidiance

We have redefined the "Work Hard, Play Hard" adage. Beside the many team lunches, dinners and drinks, we organize some of the most amazing yearly staff events to build a strong team spirit at Solidiance.

Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance







Jobs Available at Solidiance

The Solidiance recruitment process is fast and red-tape free. Our medium size enables fast decisions. Our no nonsense approach is reflected in our recruitment. As Solidiance is growing fast we are always looking for talent and you should send us your resume if you feel Solidiance should be your next employer.

Solidiance Recruitment Process

Solidiance Recruitment Process

Congratulations. You have been invited for a first interview. If you have not, it probably means that:

  • You are fresh out of university, sorry we prefer proven talent
  • Your background does not fit the Solidiance job description
  • We estimate that your direct experience is limited in our field and/or in Asia
  • You jumped employers on regular basis without demonstrating any tangible achievements
  • You are under or over-qualified for the position we are recruiting
  • Your letter or CV is filled with typos, addressed to the wrong company, or simply too long to read
  • You did not provide proper contact details
Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance

During this first casual assessment we will fully evaluate your overall cultural fit with the company and your ability to do the job you applied for. If we sense you are not what we are looking for the process will gently stop there. You are free to re-apply down the road. If however we feel you are someone we would like to know more we will ask you to complete a set of 10 business cases under a time limit.

Solidiance interview details: interview questions and process

When you are requested to come for an interview you need to get prepared. The first interview is usually informal around of cup of coffee outside the office to put you at ease; yet make no mistakes we firmly evaluate you from the get going:

  • Are you on time?
  • Are you properly dressed up for the interview?
  • Are you polished in your manners and approach?
  • Are you communicating intelligently?
  • Did you do some research about Solidiance?
  • Do you know what the job entails?
  • Are you well-traveled and knowledgeable about Asia?
  • Are you on top of current events?

The cases:

Cases are an essential part of the overall selection process for candidates aiming to join Solidiance. Each question assesses a specific skill-set and personality-trait; as such, there are no ‘right or wrong' answers. Content, structure, and overall presentation are equally important in our evaluation. The cases can be done from home or anywhere else, but there is a 48 hour time limit for submissions. The 48 hours start from the minute the cases are emailed to you. You must work on all questions and provide a PDF PowerPoint document with your answers. There is a limit of one slide per case. Plagiarism and fraudulent approaches will result in automatic termination of the recruitment process. No questions related to the cases will be answered prior to your assignment completion and submission.

Working at Solidiance
Working at Solidiance

Expect some of the usual consulting interview questions to be asked as well:

  • How do you assess the attractiveness of a market?
  • How would you identify a set of acquisition targets for a client?
  • How would you benchmark the operations of our client and its competitors?
  • What would you recommend our client do to grow sales by three-fold in 2 years?
  • How would you analyze the value chain of an industry?
  • Which Fortune 500 company is having a difficult time in Asia right now, and what should we recommend for them to improve their growth?

Formal interview and more Solidiance interview questions!

We review your cases immediately and the answer is either a yes or no. Never a maybe. A maybe equates to a no answer. Should we proceed further, you will be asked to present and actively defend some of your cases / answers. At that point we will mainly test your logical thinking and your ability to answer in a convincing manner.

Expect some of the usual interview questions to pop up:

  • What are your career achievements?
  • Why did you resign from your last job?
  • What are you looking for with your next employer?
  • Demonstrate how innovative you were when faced with a real business problem?
  • How do you coach your team members?
  • How do you validate market insights?

Last but not least there will be some odd-ball questions to test your intellectual curiosity, your desire to excel, and your team fit. From thereon Solidiance will either again terminate the process, continue with another round of interview (this is common when we have two strong candidates for the same position), or work on a job offer. Solidiance reviews your background and checks with your previous employees, colleagues and clients.

Rachit Khosla

Rachit Khosla

Former Manager, India


Five years ago, fresh out of b-school, I was a curious soul who wanted to live, breathe and experience growth consulting in Asia in a vibrant and diverse work environment. And then Solidiance happened to me. During my tenure here, I have executed and led numerous consulting engagements where I witnessed multifold growth in my business acumen, presentation skills, CXO-level client facing ability, and leadership and project management skills across several Asian geographies in diverse industries working with multicultural teams. If I am asked to go back in a time machine, I will still make the same choice and join Solidiance.

Analysts & Management Consultants Job Opportunity


Solidiance is an Asia focused growth strategy consulting firm with offices across the region. Our company is fast-growing and currently has ten offices in Asia including China, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, UAE and Vietnam.

Our firm helps Fortune 500's CEOs to capture market opportunities in the emerging Asia markets, prepare market entry and competitive strategies, build customers acquisitions and retention plans, enhance distribution channels, boost revenues, prepare investment feasibility studies, review potential joint ventures/acquisitions and deliver growth strategy in Asia to gain and sustain market leadership.

Our industry focus is on industrial applications (machinery, construction materials, manufacturing, automotive, chemicals, power, greentech, etc.) technology and healthcare. The company has an opened DNA where everyone can succeed and grow, yet make not mistakes, we are a true meritocracy. Our teams are vibrant, very international, fun and serious when it is time to deliver. Thanks to our Asia focus, Solidiance is fast-growing and offers tremendous growth opportunities to the right talent.

We are now looking for several enthusiastic Analysts and Management Consultants to join our team. Analysts/Consultants will support local and regional teams in large scale multi-country project engagements in diverse industries in the areas of marketing strategy, innovation management, competitive benchmarking, and growth strategy. According to experience, you will also be given the opportunity to engage in client management activities, and be involved in supporting the preparation of proposals.

Our next staff needs to have a proven profile in the following:
  • Master or Bachelor degree from a top tier university
  • Between 2-4 years of direct experience in management consulting and/or corporate strategy, B2B market research
  • Experience on the client side is welcomed as well
  • Ability to interact with management and conduct in-depth stakeholders’ analysis
  • Enjoy intellectual challenge and complex decision making processes, Versatile, and able to do think inside and outside the box
  • Able to work in a fast pace team structure and excel with high output performance
  • Creative with a zest for life and with many dreams to achieve
  • Fluent in English. Other Asian languages welcomed
Working at Solidiance

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